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Here at Call Sky, we endeavour to find our users the best ways to get in touch with the UK’s largest entertainment brand. Having long been customers of Sky across all of their services for a number of years, we feel as though we can accurately advise on every aspect of getting in touch with the company.

skycontactnumber (1)While we are certainly fans of the different products that the company provides, everyone experiences some form of the problem with them at some point. When this does happen, we at Call Sky feel it best that our users are fully equipped to be able to get the matter resolved as soon as possible – without getting stuck in helpline hell. While the majority of our interactions with the company have been positive, we’re more than aware of how easily a conversation can turn wrong. We hope that our tips will make sure that you put down the phone happy, satisfied and with your problem resolved once and for all.

During the course of our contracts with the company, we’ve experienced every kind of problem that you could imagine with the company. We’ve gone through various renewal negotiations with the company, had faults with our set-top boxes, download speed problems with our broadband and even had our landline cut off. Thankfully, over the years we’ve managed to find ways to make sure that Sky attend to our problems as quickly as possible – and these are the tips that we would like to share with you.

If there is anything that you have experienced in your calls with Sky that isn’t featured on the site, we would love to know. While we feel as though we have been through everything with the business, there are always aspects of calling Sky that we are unlikely to have come across. So if you’ve got a tale of woe in speaking to the company about your business broadband or problems with billing, please e-mail us, and we’ll do our best to feature it on the site.

Call Sky is perhaps best described as a fan site – we have no affiliation with Sky, outside of our subscription to their TV, broadband and landline deals. Anything that is written on this site is purely from the point of view of a long time customer (albeit one who has long enjoyed Sky Sports, Sky One and Sky Atlantic). Who wants to make sure that each and every person who needs to call Sky can be certain of getting the best experience that they possibly can.

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