Sky Bingo Contact Number

Sky Bingo Contact Number – connecting you to an adviser

Sky Bingo Contact NumberThere are many reasons people have for needing to use a Sky Bingo contact number. Sky is internationally renowned as being at the forefront of entertainment, and with added extras such as Sky Bingo they have something to keep everyone entertained. Whether you are new or Sky Bingo or have a regular flutter, there are times when you may need to speak to a Sky Bingo representative. Fortunately, our Direct Sky Bingo contact number will connect you with the right person at the right time.

New Sky Bingo Customers

New customers to Sky Bingo often have a multitude of questions such as:

  • How do I create my Sky Bingo account?        Bingo Balls
  • What is a Bingo Chat Name?
  • Is it easy to make a deposit?
  • Which games are best for beginners?

Despite finding the answers to all these and more at, it is often easier to speak to a Sky Bingo representative. One call via our Sky Bingo contact number is the quick way to find out more.

Sky Bingo Payments

From checking account and bet history to ascertaining the accuracy of payments, the reasons for contacting Sky Bingo’s Payment Department are extremely varied.

Although it is possible to gather most information online, the answers you are looking for are not always instantly apparent. Thankfully, Sky Bingo representatives are at the end of the phone line and are ready to address your queries – simply call the Sky Bingo phone number provided for assistance.

Payment Withdrawals

Debit/credit card withdrawals take between 2 to 5 working days. Payments made via an e-wallet are commonly processed on the same day. Please note that e-wallets must be established prior to any withdrawal attempts being made.

Although there is no maximum amount set for withdrawals, the minimum amount is £10.00.

Common Withdrawal Problems

Are you aware that certain UK credit cards and some international MasterCard & Visa cards cannot be processed by Sky Bingo? If you have encountered such a problem, it is possible for a Sky Bingo adviser to organise payment into your bank account. To discuss your situation simply call the Sky Bingo contact number.

Please note that making deposits using certain cards can also prove problematic as not all banks allow betting/gambling transactions – once again a Sky Bingo adviser can suggest an alternative option.

Withdrawing funds using an alternative card can occasionally prove problematic. However, the solution commonly lies with clearing any remaining ‘net balances’ on your original card or e-wallet.

Log-In Trouble

Having problems logging into your Sky Bingo online account? This can be due to a variety of issues, from the loss of an ID or PIN number to entering an incorrect date of birth. Both problems can easily be rectified by contacting Sky Bingo online or via the Sky Bingo contact number.

Please note if you have received notification that your Sky Bingo account has been suspended this could be due to numerous reasons such as:

  • A duplicate account
  • Incorrect log-in details
  • Failed security check

To ascertain why your account may have been suspended you can click the ‘contact’ tab on the Sky Bingo site via Alternatively a member of the Sky Bingo team will gladly assist you via the Sky Bingo contact number.

Technical Queries – commonly raised Q&As

  1. What happens if I lose connection during a game/bet?
  2. Don’t worry, all confirmed tickets will still be valid and honoured
  3. Why won’t my Sky Bingo load properly?
  4. Loading problems can be due to aspects such as blocked pop-ups or not having the latest version of ‘Adobe Flash’. It is also worth checking that your computer is compatible with Sky Bingo requirements i.e. Windows Intel Pentium III 700MHz or faster & 256mb RAM or higher

Bingo GameContacting Sky Bingo

Sky Bingo Customer by phone

The Sky Bingo Customer Care team is available via telephone during the hours of 8am and 10pm, 7-days a week.

Live Chat

Live chat facilities operate 24-hours a day, 7-hours a day and can be accessed at

Emailing Sky Bingo

You can reach the Sky Bingo team via email by messaging via their convenient online form 

Writing to Sky Bingo

The address you will need is:

Sky Bet, 2 Wellington Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4AP

Getting Started with Sky Bingo Games

For your convenience, we have added a handy independent review of what to expect when you click online.

Sky Sports Contact Number

We all like to catch the latest sporting action on our TV and with a little help from Sky Sports you can watch the latest features from the comfort of your armchair.

Subscription advice, channel activation and offers available exclusively to Sky Sports Customers – whatever your reason for contacting the Sky Sports department, rest assured, assistance is just one click or call away.

For your convenience, we have listed the easiest ways to access the information you need.

Calling the Sky Sport’s team

When addressing individual bundle requirements, you will find a wealth of information at However, it is often easier to discuss queries over the phone. To contact a member of the Sky Sports team, please call 0843 515 8193 – where your call will be swiftly connected.

Emailing Sky Sports’ advisors

Any Sky Sports programme related comments or queries can be emailed to – where a member of the Sky Sports department will respond as quickly as possible.

 Contacting Sky Sports via ‘Live Chat.’

This facility operates from 7am until 11pm on a Monday to Sunday, where Sky representatives are ready to address your sports related issues in real time. To access Sky’s ‘Live Chat’ service, please click onto

 Social Media – the easy way to chat to fellow Sky subscribers

Social Media is a great way to find out more, share views and discover what others think about Sky Sports’ various products and services.

 … and here’s how you can contact the Sky community

Twitter: get tweeting the Sky help team, for an instant response to all your Sky Sports questions – alternatively share your thoughts regarding the latest sporting fixtures, Sky coverage, up-and-coming features and so much more.

Facebook: this is your platform upon which to share, review and discover what is happening in the world of Sky Sports. Stay one step ahead with up-to-the-minute information and regular Sky newsfeeds.

Google+ : Why not follow the Sky Sports team via Google+? It’s your forum for catching up, commenting and of course airing comments, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Sky Help Forum provides a community dedicated to Sky and Sky Sports’ customers. Discover what’s hot in the Sky Sports Arena, read recent customer blogs and even seek assistance from the forum’s ‘Top Solutions’ board.

 Don’t forget the web sky-sports-contact-number

Remember that provides a comprehensive guide to the latest Sky Sports listings, services, products and more – all at your fingertips 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Sky Switching and Installing

Switching and InstallingWith Sky TV already subscribed to by more than ten million homes, the company have started to focus on making rapid gains in the broadband market. Adding a further five million customers through Sky Broadband as well as another four million through their Sky Talk landline provision.

Why switch to Sky?

As is the case in any consumer industry, customers want the cheapest price for the best service. So it is that Sky will often undercut competitors as well as being able to offer a range of extra add-ons to their basic packages that make them an attractive proposition. Sky Sports and Sky Movies are the two cornerstones of the Sky TV empire. These are available to purchase for customers to rival Sky TV competitors such as Virgin Media or BT – however they will be more expensive per month than for those existing Sky customers. Given that the basic packages offered by both competitors is similar in terms of channels available. Both are obliged to show the 240 Freeview channels that are now available. Differences in their packages coming down to their in-house channels so it can be add-ons like Sky Sports or Sky Movies that make the difference.

Sky also offer competitive rates for Sky rental lines as well as Sky Broadband. Several customers comparisons show that Virgin is quicker for its broadband speed but does have tighter restrictions on download limits while it is also regarded as varying more in its speed than Sky.

Need to Transfer your Services to Sky.

Sky make it incredibly easy to switch to them – depending on who a new customer’s existing provider was they would often be able to complete the entire transaction for them at no extra cost. In all cases, it is possible to keep an existing landline phone number when switching to Sky. Those who are moving from TalkTalk or BT, Plusnet – for their internet provision. Will be able to take full advantage of the Sky Switch Squad. You will need a customer service outlet who will be able to inform and arrange the account switch upon being informed by a new Sky customer of their previous account details. New customers will give this information either when selecting their Sky bundle through the company website or by calling up Sky direct.

Those switching from Virgin will find the switch trickier. Because TalkTalk and Plusnet both use BT landlines as well as Sky, the change is easier. Virgin install their landlines which mean that it is necessary to stop the use of their landline actively before moving over to the Sky Talk landline. Ending a contract with Virgin or any previous provider – will involve an industry-standard 30 day notice period from the customer. It is possible to get out of a contract earlier than the fixed date although this will mean that the customer has to pay the outstanding amount due.


There are no eligibility issues with Sky TV. However those seeking to join Sky Talk must have a BT landline – if they do not then they must first switch to one. Sky can arrange this although there may be a charge for making the switch. For any installation that does require an engineer to visit a home to activate a new phone line, a letter or email will be sent by Sky to arrange an appointment. It is important to make sure that you are in for this appointment. The Sky terms and conditions state any failure to be available for the first appointment will result in a full-service fee for any subsequent re-scheduling.

New customers should also be aware that any line installation that calls for engineering work, beyond what Sky consider standard. That is if they have to dig through land without permission or do anything that may affect other connections in the area – they will not complete the engineering work, which will result in the order being cancelled and the new customer being refunded. Any installation of a new line will always take place between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday – excluding public and Bank Holidays. If you are living in rented property do ensure that the landlord has given permission for any work to do be done – such as drilling holes in the wall.


Setting up with Sky is easy after eligibility has been assessed – the company themselves will make an application to BT to switch the customer’s chosen telephone services to Sky Talk. Following acknowledgement of this from the landline provider, customers can then expect to be notified of an activation date of their services via email or written letter. Customers are advised to wait for ten days to allow the activation to take place.

It should be pointed out that BT cannot always make the switch. If this is the case, then Sky will have to look at the option of putting in a new Sky Talk Service line. Which they advise can take approximately two weeks to set up from the date that the initial order was made.

Ahead of their activation date, new customers will be sent a Sky Hub router that is to be plugged into the master phone socket – using the microfilter provided. Access can then be made to the internet by finding the network key on the Hub – typing it when prompted for a password on your device having found the new network.