Sky Technical Support

sky-technical-assistance-300x179 (1)Technical queries are understandably diverse, for your convenience we have compiled some examples of the most commonly raised issues:

Sky Broadband technical support

Whether you use your Sky broadband for domestic or business purposes, there is a common goal – to achieve optimum efficiency. Did you know that you can assess your access line speed via your Sky Hub – using either a wireless connection or Ethernet cable? Likewise, if your broadband isn’t responding as efficiently as expected, there are some troubleshooting steps to take. These are dependent upon how your phone line is performing and whether or not you have a telephone at all.

What to do if

  • Your phone line has a normal tone

Initial checks are determined by the type of Sky router you have – however, a pivotal assessment lies with ensuring microfilters are fitted appropriately.

  • Your phone line sounds faulty

If your phone line sounds faulty it is impossible to remedy the situation without technical assistance – if experiencing such problems, please call the Sky contact number or your telephone provider.

  • You do not have a phone line

If you don’t have a phone line, it is still essential to check your microfilters. Whichever router you have, microfilters must be plugged securely into the phone socket, this will avoid problems such as intermittent, slow or even no broadband connection.

Sky TV – technical assistance

Disruptions effecting Sky TV can be due to numerous factors, before addressing issues with a member of Sky’s technical team via 0843 515 8193, there are some basic steps to try. Including Weather checks –extreme weather conditions can have a detrimental effect on your Sky signal, the only remedy for this is waiting for the elements (wind, rain, snow etc.) to settle. It is also advisable to ascertain if there is any damage or physical disruption to your Sky dish. Sky on demand – often encounters problems stemming from the connection between your Sky+HD Box and the router. To access your quick troubleshooting guide visit Sky online or to discuss your individual situation with an actual advisor please call the technical helpline number provided. A wrong viewing card message can be easily fixed by linking your Sky card with your Sky box, achievable into. ‘Activate my channels’ and entering your Sky iD – if problems persist technical assistance may be required. If experiencing a technical issue that is proving particularly stubborn, you can discuss the problem via the Sky technical support team number, alternatively ‘live chat’ operates online from 7am until 11pm, 7-days a week.

Sky Talk’s technical team

Switching to Sky Talk from another provider, arranging installation, discussing Talk tariffs and help accessing specific features are just some of the reasons customers choose to call Sky Talk – enabling direct answers from an experienced advisor. Alternatively you can log onto here to discover information about Sky Talk voicemail, care alarms, billing details and more.

Sky Cancellations

sky-cancellations-300x224 (1)Despite having a reputation as a customer-driven organisation, Sky isn’t for everyone – with some customers needing to cancel their agreement for personal reasons, and, unfortunately, some terminating their agreement due to dissatisfaction.

Obviously, speaking to a member of Sky’s customer service team is often preferable when discussing private information such as your Sky account details – to speak directly to an advisor please call the contact number provided.

Prior to contacting Sky with your intention to cancel, there are a few steps you can take to speed the process – we have referenced some of the main areas for your convenience.

The cancellation of your subscription requires discussion with a Sky representative:

A member of the Sky team will have to verify your account information and highlight areas to be aware of when cancelling, for example – the loss of promotional discounts and possible early termination fees.


It is advisable to have all your Sky account details ready before calling the Sky contact number provided – this will enable an Advisor to deal with your situation as swiftly as possible.

Moving Provider

If you are cancelling your Sky agreement to move to a different service provider it is imperative that you inform a Sky advisor – otherwise you may experience a period of ‘no service’ during the transition stage.

In addition, a member of Sky’s cancellation team will be able to assist with a MAC code – essential when transferring broadband services to an alternative supplier.

Please note that you can also obtain a MAC code online via

Direct Debits

Sky cancellation must ideally be confirmed prior to stopping any direct debits or payments. Otherwise, any outstanding fees won’t be processed, and your account may fall into debt.

31-day exception

Early cancellation fees typically don’t apply if you are terminating within the first 31 days of your Sky agreement – if you’d like to know more please ask a representative by calling the Sky contact number.

Online Cancellation

As previously mentioned, all cancellations must be discussed with a member of Sky’s cancellation team, however if you’d prefer an advisor to call you, call-back can be arranged online via Once online you can also discuss your issues with a Sky advisor through their ‘live chat’ facility – available from 8am until 8pm, 7-days a week.


Circumstances often dictate the need to downgrade your Sky agreement, avoiding the requirement for complete cancellation – to discuss your individual situation with an experienced advisor please call the Sky cancellations contact number provided.  

Sky Complaints

sky-complaintsSky pride themselves on being able to meet the diverse needs of their many subscribers, offering competitive packages and up-to-the-minute technological solutions, however, there are unfortunately times when complaints need to be raised.

Sky Complaints Department

If you have an issue that you wish to discuss with a member of Sky’s customer service team, please call the Sky contact number provided – lines are open from 6am until midnight, 7-days week. Understandably many people prefer to discuss their complaints directly. However, you can also contact the Sky team via alternative contact details listed below:


General complaints can be emailed to or if you have an issue related to a programme broadcast by Sky, please email – it is worth noting that email response can take approximately five days.


Complaints can be instantly conducted via Sky’s ‘live chat’ facility, which is available from 7am until 11pm, 7-days a week.

Postal Address

Customer Complaints Sky Subscriber Services Ltd PO Box 43 Livingston West Lothian EH54 7DD

Sky Cancellations

If calling to complain & cancel your Sky subscription it is advisable to have your Sky account details ready. These are needed for verification reasons and to ensure that you do not experience any periods of ‘no service’ during any transitional time.

Unresolved complaints – the Ombudsman Service

Sky aim to resolve most complaints within ten days, with some issues obviously taking a little longer however. If after 8 weeks you still haven’t received a satisfactory resolution your situation can be taken to an ombudsman. If this lengthy timescale applies to you, please call the Sky complaints contact number where an experienced team member can advise on contacting the Ombudsman Service. Alternatively, you may wish to consult with the Ombudsman Service via Email: Online @ By post: Ombudsman Services: Communications PO Box 730 Warrington WA4 6WU

Sky Talk Complaints (premium rate issues)

Complaints about Sky’s premium rate telephone service can be made via PhonepayPlus (an independent regulatory body). Complaints concerning the content, provision or promotion of Sky’s premium rate products or service can be aired by Calling PhonepayPlus’ Helpline – available on a Monday to Friday, from 9am until 5pm. Completing an online enquiry form @


Posting your complaint to





Accounts & Billing Complaints

Despite the ability to pay Sky bills and address a multitude of issues online, for instance, bill management and subscription cancellation, many people prefer to discuss such personal topics one-to-one – especially when making a complaint. If you would like to speak to a member of Sky’s Accounts & Billing team, please call the Sky phone number provided. Alternatively you can access your account via

Problems with your Sky TV service?

The Sky TV complaints department is on hand to help with a variety of quibbles – upgrading or downgrading, reception difficulties or Sky TV billing, whatever you need to discuss call 0843 515 8193. Don’t forget, should you require an engineer visit to rectify a technical TV fault, a member of the Sky complaints team will gladly assist.

Need to complain about your Sky Broadband?

Poor WiFi connection, email malfunction, miscategorised website – the reasons for contacting the Sky Broadband complaints department typically vary in nature. Reassuringly Sky’s dedicated complaints team are fully conversant with all broadband issues – simply call the number provided to find out more.

ATVOD (The Authority for Television on Demand) & ASA (The Advertising Standards Authority)

If all complaint avenues seem to have been exhausted, you may wish to take your issue to either ATVOD or the ASA by visiting or for more information.